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We are not your typical tree service company! In fact, we consider ourselves not just the biggest, but the best. What does that mean to you? it means we have more equipment, the right equipment and the best local knowledge to help you with your trees. If you are a homeowner, odds are you may need a reputable tree service company in the future. Hire a trusted Tree Service, like Parker, to protect your investment in your home and yard.

We can handle every tree situation you may have - from clearing away dead brush or attacking  emergency situations after a bad storm. (We have a large equipment and trucks to handle down trees and remove the debris)

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Tree Services

This service is crucial for a number of reasons, including the extraction of diseased, dead or dying trees that are as much an eyesore as they are a safety issue.

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Parker Tree Service employees are skilled at reducing the size of a tree and strategically removing specific branches, deadwood and debris, thereby shaping the tree and making it more pleasing to the eye.

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We have the latest equipment that can cut a job time in half. Parker Tree Service uses a high-powered stump grinder to pulverize both the stump and its root system.

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Deep Root Feeding (aka Deep Root Fertilizing) adds important nutrients to the soil by injecting fertilizers, insecticides and other soil enhancers directly into the tree’s root zone.

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We guarantee that you’ll receive the best Tree Services in the DFW. We stand by our work… Let us Prove It.


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Tree Pruning 101
Tree Pruning 101

“You can prune a tree or shrub at any time of year.” This popular misconception is frequently shared with homeowners new to managing their landscaping. However, the truth is that…

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Insects: a Potential Threat to Your Tree’s Health
Insects: a Potential Threat to Your Tree’s Health

Have you noticed that one of your trees is looking a little sickly? It may be suffering from an insect infestation. Insects can be a danger to tree health and…

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